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Core Business

Company Goals


Made in Italy

All our products are collected, processed and packaged in Italy.


Export manager in the USA

Rustichella Truffles USA was born in response to the growth in the American market. Francesca Brugnoli organized a door-to-door distribution to respond quickly and satisfactorily to every request.


Asian market

Another growing market is the Asia. We organize trips to visit our customers, we meet our chefs, we participate in the most important Fairs. We study new menus where the jewel of every dish undoubtedly remains our Truffle.

About Us

La Rustichella Truffles


Over the years the company has always pursued a fundamental objective: keeping the craftsmanship of the products.

Sergio Brugnoli was president of the company, founded in 1986 in the famous place for black truffles: Norcia.
Our company is always ready for new adventures with the aim of making its most precious fruit known worldwide: the Truffle.
Our experience on truffles has allowed us to create a series of products that have become a must for best world cuisine.

01. The Picking

Truffle picking is free both in the woods and in uncultivated land and is done with the help of specially trained dogs. The truffle must reach maturation, a phase during which that typical persistent and penetrating scent develops, capable of awakening the researchers' fine sense of smell.


02. Processing

We guarantee the excellence of our products using the highest quality raw materials.
Each of the summer truffles used in the processing is personally selected and, after careful quality control, is subjected to a delicate cleaning phase that preserves the extraordinary organoleptic characteristics.


03. Conservation

Fresh, genuine, as if just picked.
To guarantee the maximum perfume and taste of our products we use special sterilized glass packages that preserve all their characteristics.


04. The distribution

From Asia to America, passing through Europe, we export all our excellence worldwide.
La Rustichella products are present in the cuisines of the greatest international Chefs, embellishing the dishes of the most demanding palates in the world.

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